The first weekend of February 2019 marked an ending of chapter one and a prospect to chapter two for the Hungarian participants of the Education in Human Values seminars conducted by the lecturers of the ESSE Institute, Marianne Meyer (Denmark) and Petra von Kalinowski (Germany). The same occasion also saw the very first two pedagogues completing the entire training program and graduating from it after having successfully carried out an Education in human Values field project.

Unlike the previous seminars providing a deep insight into the core elements and the philosophy of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values, this time the local participants themselves became the presenters and the lecturers the audience. The session served as an opportunity for the members of the Hungarian team to display their understanding of the philosophy and their skills in delivering it to other people. The weekend was full of unique talks done by the participants, shedding light on the various facets of the human values and how they can be easily applied to any aspect of life.

The weekend was kicked off with a well-structured and highly informative presentation on the value of selfless love and the many ways of putting it into practice in the various areas of everyday life from family to workplace environment. The next participant continued on the topic by introducing a practical approach including several tools focusing on how to solve workplace conflicts using love. The third presentation once again touched upon the application of human values in the professional field, this time elaborating on the opportunities for social workers to enhance the quality of rendering social service through human values.

As human values interlace all aspects of life, including religion, a further presentation introduced how truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence are expressed through the teachings and tradition of in Judaism. The final presentation highlighted the role and approach of an ideal teacher in delivering value-oriented education to children.

As for Course 3, the graduates introduced the excellent work they had performed in delivering human values education and orientation to children and parents alike to a group of families over a period of a year.

The session ended with a ceremonious handing out of the Course 1 and Course 3 certificates and an outlook on what is to be expected in Course 2 by those who had just concluded Course 1.