From 1st – 4th November 2016 the 4th International Seminar on the subject of "The Concept of Self-Knowledge based on the Universal Human Values" was held in Almaty/Kazakhstan at the invitation of the “National Scientific, Practical, Educational and Health-Improving Bobek Centre” with the participation of lecturers of the ESSE Institute: Marianne Meyer, Anita Friedrich and Petra von Kalinowski.

Teachers from Kazakhstan’s National Programme of Moral and Spiritual Education called “Self-Knowledge Programme”, including kindergarten teachers, and teachers of Colleges and Universities attended the seminar from all regions of the country.

Among the participants were also trainers of the National "Orleu" Centre of Excellence, heads of educational institutions, and guests from Russia and Azerbaijan. A significant part of the audience was the staff of the "Bobek Center”, which was the organizer of this International Seminar.

The main objective of the Seminar was to disclose value priorities of the Moral and Spiritual Education of "Self-knowledge", to develop moral and spiritual consciousness and self-awareness of the Seminar participants, as well as consideration of value development within the educational institutions.

The Seminar offered some practical tools:  techniques, methods and approaches, which are not only necessary in the lessons of “Self-Knowledge”, but also in the environment of the educational institutions at all levels.

In total 357 participants attended the Seminar, out of which 237 participants were introduced to Module 1 of the ESSE Training and 120 continued the training with Module 2. Upon completion of the Seminar, all participants received Certificates of Attendance.

On November 2nd, seminar participants and the invited Faculty Members of the ESSE Institute met with Sara Nazarbayeva, the First Lady of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who is the President of the charitable Bobek Foundation and the author of the “Self-Knowledge Program” on moral and spiritual education.

The Seminar and the three-hour meeting with the First Lady were highlighted in the national media with TV programs, and newspaper articles on the Seminar.


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