The ESSE Institute offers seminars in SSEHV (Sathya Sai Education in Human Values) for teachers and educators, parents and others interested in bringing the universal human values into their professions as well as their personal lives.

The programme consists of three stages, and the contents are based on the universal aspects of European Culture.

Course 1 is the introductory level, introducing the philosophy, the methods and the essential principles of SSEHV, which distinguish Sathya Sai Education from other value-oriented programs. It is offered to professional educators, parents and non-professionals who are interested in this educational approach and its application in one’s personal, professional and family life.

Course 2 is the intermediate level, which is offering to those who have successfully completed Course 1 a deeper understanding of the basic knowledge and its implementation. The course contents are facilitated through lectures, workshops and deepened through participant interaction.

Participant home assignments and presentations as well as a Certificate of Completion conclude Course 1 and Course 2.

Course 3 is the final requirement. This course prepares faculty members of ISSE’s and professional educators to facilitate the Sathya Sai Education in Human Values Program. It concludes with the presentation of a thesis based on a SSEHV Project developed and implemented by the graduate student. This will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion.

A more detailed description of the contents can be found here ... ESSE Institute Programme Overview [PDF]

“Human Values for Life”

Additional seminars under the heading “Human Values for Life” are offered to those who have the basic knowledge of Sathya Sai Education and will be organised on request.