Haitian teachers undergo personal transformation as they receive SSEHV training

More than 70 teachers in Haiti were privileged to receive training in Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) in the summer of 2017. The first five-day training took place in the Ecole Mixte de la Nouvelle Jérusalem, in the capital Port-au-Prince with 47 participants. It was initiated with a two-day introductory course and was followed by three days of more in-depth study. The training focussed on the true goal of education, namely the development of good character, integrity and knowledge; personal development by connecting head, heart and hands and realising that we all have goodness as our core. In addition, the course was very practical, full of examples and fun-filled activities for children, something that is not usually found in the Haitian educational system.

Then a two-day introductory course was held in St Marc, a small city two hours north of Port-au-Prince. In all, 27 teachers and youth participated. Here too, most participants were under 30 years of age and without teaching credentials. Yet, their commitment to give children a chance for a better life through education and sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm was unparalled. Very quickly the participants discovered that this course also helps to foster their own personal development and transformation, as they expressed during the course and in their evaluations. They particularly appreciated the interactive and participatory way of training and understood that this is the same for children: “Tell me and I may forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”.

Both sessions included PowerPoint presentations, songs, activities, silent sitting, citations and group activities, as well as a written assignment and evaluation. The training generated enthusiasm, understanding and a determination to practice human values and was highly appreciated especially as most of the teachers in Haiti, including the batch who attended these training courses, do not receive official teacher training.

Below is a selection of feedback from the participants themselves:

“The atmosphere during this training was really filled with joy and a motivation to learn, notwithstanding the high temperature in the venue. I was inspired how to live my life with others.” – Sevil Noradin

“I understood that one can change his environment through right action and bring spiritual light. The desire to do good grew in me, and not to criticise others but to try to understand them and to share my love with them.” – Emmanuel Lindor

“I loved this training because it changed my way of thinking a lot and taught me how to see other people; I must show compassion, wisdom, love etc. towards them. I have been truly inspired because I learned that I am the light to light others, I must love without conditions, in other words, unconditional love.” – Christianne Aurélien

“As a teacher one has to practice these values called human, in order to be a model for our students. We must cultivate love in thought to get to the truth.” – Smith Jean Pierre

“Unity in thought, word and deed: this point allows us to respect our words and to think carefully before we are going to do something. Unconditional and relative love: this point shows how unconditional love came from God without conditions and how love for others is relative.” – Robenson Fleury