Teachers came together to share inspiring SSEHV projects

Teachers from across Northern Europe came together to share their Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV) projects, making for a wonderfully creative expression of how to practice SSEHV in different settings! Many inspiring projects were discussed, such as working with community children in theatre, or with refugee children in Kindergarten, as well as delivering value education in the workplace through teaching medical students. Healthy living formed the basis of another project, while the impact of human values education in difficult areas like Haiti, where survival and getting an education are a daily struggle, was a project that was also shared.

Through the sharing of projects, what became clear is that the strength of the programme lies in recognising the universal human values in each and every person and how this leads to an atmosphere of love and respect. The continued practical application of the values and the recognition of their numerous positive aspects, then makes way for a shining character based on truthfulness and integrity.

Participant feedback showed that the possibilities for using SSEHV are truly endless, and for the SSEHV trained teacher an expression of his/her personal talents and experience.

“The training makes us aware of the human values that are always around us and, more importantly, within us. It gives us tools for personal practice and the ability to recognise them in the target group, whether these are family, children, students, co-workers or the public at large.

Learning about the human values is like getting a pair of eyeglasses that help us see the values everywhere. By using a specific value (for example peace) or aspect (for example patience) for self-development, our personal struggle while developing these qualities simultaneously helps us to build an understanding of others. Step by step we become a living example of what we know to be true: that the human values of truth, righteousness, peace, love and non-violence are at the core of our being. Everyone has this same core of human values (it is that which makes us human!), however, the clouds of ignorance hide the Sun of our being. Education in human values consists in focusing on the Sun and letting the clouds dissipate. The methods are varied and enjoyable and can be used in our profession, volunteer work and family life. Practicing the values in our own life helps us to recognise and respond to the same values in others. Truly, there is only one language, the language of the heart.”