“The Concept of Self-Knowledge in SSEHV – A Universal Approach”

From August 21st – 24th 2012, on invitation of the First Lady of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the ESSE Institute Teacher-Trainers Marianne Meyer, Petra von Kalinowski and Anita Friedrich introduced a Seminar, titled:  “The concept of Self-Knowledge in SSEHV – A Universal Approach” in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Central Asia.

The “Self-Knowledge Course”, which is part of the General Secondary Education in Kazakhstan, has been introduced into the curricula of all kindergartens, schools and higher educational institutions. Among the 250 participants were also developers of the program, professors of the Abai University in Almaty, one of the leading Institutes in Central Asia, authors of textbooks, psychologists, educators, and administrators. The idea behind this initiative was primarily to introduce the concept of “Self-knowledge” and its relation to the Five Human Values as given in the SSEHV Program and to provide methods, examples and tools for practical implementation.

The host of this event was the “National Research, Education and Health-Improving Centre”. This Centre was founded in 1995 and is a department of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Seminar Programme contained topics higligting the philosophical basis of the Universal Human Values and their practical application.

Participants’ Feedback

"Educare" is in tune with the philosophy of the Kazakhs. There is a connection between matter and spirit. The soul is primary. We will revise our textbooks."

"It is important to hold such seminars annually. We have a lot to learn."

 "I wish I had this knowledge before." 

“This Seminar inspired us for a more practical application of the knowledge gained in the classroom at school. During the past month, practically in all the lessons, the elements given at the lectures of the skilful ESSE Teacher-Trainers were being used in formal education. This knowledge gave us teachers the courage to deliver the deeper understanding of the aspects of human personality to our pupils.”

“The Seminar’s design was of very high quality: lectures alternated with interactive work, workshops, where the participants could share their knowledge. Thanks to all organizers, lecturers! My expectations were fulfilled at their best, as the Seminar had new ideas.”

“This seminar has enriched and expanded my knowledge on the "Self-knowledge" course and allowed to see a similar system, Educare concept in comparison. It was sharing of experiences internationally.”

“Seminar had a miraculous effect on me as a teacher with years of experience. For seminar showed and proved how scientific psycho-pedagogical truth can and should be practice-oriented to facilitate the development of a personality using Human Values. My impressions of the seminar confirmed my belief that even today humanism means Human Values, an important landmark in the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, morally rich, spiritual personality in conditions of simultaneous intellectual, emotional and practical formation.”

“Expectations were met completely! My opinion is that such seminars should be held more frequently and in all countries of the world. When people think about Human Values: Peace, Love, Right Action they have no time for wars, and this is important! Philosophy of Educare is very necessary and useful for both the spiritual and physical health in modern society. Thank you for your work!”

“I expected to learn something new, especially the practice. The seminar exceeded all expectations.”


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