“Universal Values: Universal Approach”

From 28th to 31st October 2014 a seminar on the subject “Universal values: universal approach“ was organised in Almaty/Kazakhstan at the invitation of the National Scientific, Practical, Educational and Health-Improving Centre “Bobek”. This Centre develops an educational program of moral and spiritual education called “Self-Knowledge”, the founder of which is the First Lady of Kazakhstan.  

The European Sathya Sai Education Institute (ESSE Institute), Denmark, represented by Ms. Marianne Meyer, Director, along with two other teacher trainers, Ms. Petra von Kalinowski, Deputy Director, and Ms. Anita Friedrich, ESSE Institute Secretariat, provided lectures and workshops based on principles of the SSEHV Program supported by two translators from Dagestan and Azerbaijan.

This Seminar was a continuation of the Seminar in August 2012 “The Concept of Self-Knowledge in SSEHV – A Universal Approach”, organized by and carried out in the Kazakhstan National Centre.

Among the 300 participants were teachers and directors of the National Centre ‘Bobek’, teachers from Higher Educational Institutions, public school teachers from all over Kazakhstan.

The audience was responding to the presentations with much interest, openness, and appreciation. They emphasised their desire to share this knowledge with children and colleagues.

Feedback from the participants

“1. The theory is holistic and systemic! 2. The relevance is undeniable! 3. The principles are precise, coherent. 4. Goals and objectives are well formed. 5. The content is capacious, interesting, and useful. 6. A broad variety of methods were shown. 7. The high practical importance was presented. 8. Material of the presentations is brilliant. 9. The lecturers are Masters of narration and presentation.”

“I have updated my knowledge and understanding of the most important basic things. I was    ‘rebooted’ and received a clear ‘road map’.”

“The seminar inspired for changes in practice. I will apply this knowledge for myself, I will teach children and colleagues.”

“The seminar gave a lot of new knowledge, practical advice. All lecturers regarding the form of presentation of the material made only positive impression. The depth of knowledge and personalities of teachers have left great impressions. We hope for further cooperation. We will wait for next time! Thank you so much!“

“Proper and accurate presentation of the material, and very beautiful examples.”

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