SSEHV is a value-based system of Education, initiated by the eminent Indian Educator, Teacher and Founder of Sathya Sai Schools, Universities and education programme, Sathya Sai. Emphasis is laid on both academic attainment and character development, leading to a moral life, and encouraging individuals to become aware of their inner nature and potentials.

The philosophy of SSEHV is based on the concept of “Educare”, which assumes that Human Values are latent in every human being; one cannot acquire them from outside. Educare is the process of educing (Lat. educere) or eliciting human values from within and translate them into action in daily life, thus developing the full human personality.

The programmes and activities are based on the Five Universal Human Values, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Nonviolence (see under Human Values).

Through the uplifting educational process of “Educare” these basic Human Values unfold in the individual as desirable human qualities like self-confidence, integrity, courage, tolerance, sharing and caring, cooperation, respect and reverence for the rights of others, for nature and environment.

The facilitator plays a major role in this transformational process. As an exemplar of the values, he/she will be able to encourage students to grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence and realise their full potentials as human beings.

The pedagogy is Integral Education, a holistic approach touching all aspects of the human personality and life: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Both, secular and spiritual education – integrated harmoniously with ethical, physical and metaphysical teachings – come together in a philosophy and theory of education that help human beings to attain happiness and fulfilment in life. This in turn will reflect on human relations and society at large.