The seminar in Vilnius, Lithuania was attended by 39 participants, of which 28 were from Lithuania, 8 from Latvia, 1 from Estonia and 2 from Poland

The main goal of the seminar was to introduce the principle of Educare, which is the foundation of Sathya Sai Education and to give a basic understanding of the 5 universal human values showing how daily practice can lead to transformation of ones character manifested by unity of thought, word and deed.

During the seminar it was discussed how the development and manifestation of the values truth, right conduct, peace love and nonviolence can lead to the fullness of a truly human and spiritual life.

Each topic encouraged an important and reflective study of the values through quotations and examples and highlighted the universal scope of SSEHV.

The organisation of the seminar work was exceptionally valuable as the lecture time was combined with many workshops. All participants were sincerely curious, ready, motivated, and surprisingly active in discussions, sharing experiences and at the same time asking many questions.

From the feedback:

 “The atmosphere of the seminar was particularly uplifting and inspiring.”

 “The event was really wonderful. I felt uplifted, we all worked very sincerely, and I think, we all have grown up a little. This is a truly good company.”

“I was surely inspired to practice these teachings in my life.”

 “I'm grateful for the knowledge I got.”

“It allows me to look at values in my personal and family life and to my work with children. It creates the wish to improve myself, love more and to follow the Human Value principle in my life.”

“I get inspiration to give more attention to my every day activities, feelings, thoughts and relationships.”

“It was wonderful, we wish to continue.”