‘Education through Theatre’ is a very creative way of teaching SSEHV, which is taking place in a Community Centre near Warsaw, Poland

Since 2012 classes for children from 4-16 years old divided into 4 groups have been running weekly. They are based on Human Values stories, followed up by dialogues and various activities leading to a Theatre performance. The children prepare most of the decorations during weekend workshops. These workshops develop unity and cooperation in the group. They are aware of being a member of a special program based on SSEHV, and they are very proud of it. 

The topics for the plays include “All are equal important, and all have their own talents”, “Good character and good attitude are more important than toys and money” and “A person, with a good attitude, may change the whole class as well as the whole the school”.


Picture gallery year 2015 (click to enlarge)


Picture gallery year 2017 (click to enlarge)