The Heart for each other club in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam has been running as an weekly after-school club since 2012 by a team of 4 SSEHV teachers and 2 helpers.

10-15 children are attending the club, and enjoying the various activities.

In 2016 the on-going theme has been Nature and Ecology. The photos illustrate that the children all made birdhouses as an activity. These were placed in a park, which has vegetable-plots for school children from 13 neighborhood schools together with a small animal farm. Several nature walks and feeding the goats and looking at all the animals and plants have been part of the activities.

Besides these activities SSEHV lessons takes place. Stories and activities and group discussions make up most of the lessons, with some songs and occasional citations as well as various concentration exercises.

Meetings with the parents takes place every few months, basically to introduce then to the lesson to and have dialogues. They are very happy with this club.


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