The pedagogy of Sathya Sai Education

The seminar was attended by 37 participants from various backgrounds, all with a passion for education and a keen interest to learn, grow and gain further understanding of SSEHV, which is to bring out the latent human values within us and let humanity flourish to its full potential.

All the participants were guided through the introductory topics of SSEHV course 1, which covers the history, pedagogy, and philosophy of Educare and the 5 Universal Human Values. Through a combination of workshops, group discussions and presentations the key points from group feedback highlighted the breadth and depth of the scope of SSEHV and its potential to have positive effects on the individual, family and community around us.

How we are to culture an environment of love and the teacher being an exemplar of the human values were two essential aspects of the SSEHV program delivery which really resonated with all who attended and gave everyone much to reflect on in their daily life application of the human values.

Ultimately the aim of the training is for each person to feel inspired to continue their personal spiritual transformation, and in the process share their love for human values across the UK, within each sphere of their life and work whether it be in schools, work places or community groups.